Green Bay High School

Micro Adventures : Green Bay High School

  • Photography: Katrina Piezzo
  • Words: Christian Pera

The Green Bay High School Go Bush course encapsulated everything we love about this experience. Students from Germany, Brazil and Japan (and their rock star teacher!) set out as complete novices Рmost of whom had never carried a pack or ventured off the beaten track before Рyet despite the considerable challenges they encountered, the crew emerged not only triumphant but as true mates. Mates who are patient with each other; adapt to any situation; challenge each other and most importantly, laugh with each other!

There were too many epic moments to mention here (some of which may never be mentioned again…), but close encounters of the spidery kind; driving rain; knife craft; fire craft (and not-so-firey-craft); hilarious code names and Mount Poonami¬†all still bring a reminiscent smile. Great crew, great place, epic weather and a truly awesome Adventure for Good!