We’ve prepared some information for the people who care about you most below. We encourage you to go through this with them and invite you to contact us with any further questions you may have.

Will this affect my university entrance?
We encourage students to go ahead and make their applications to university regardless of their intention to attend an Adventure for Good programme. When they are accepted by a university a simple request for deferral will ensure your entrance at a later time. Most universities are happy to accept deferrals for planned gap programmes because students return more focused, confident and mature.

Are these programmes safe?
Your wellbeing whilst on our programmes is our paramount concern. All Adventure for Good staff are highly trained in risk management and health and safety procedures. Our courses are operated under an externally audited safety management system that complies with the highest New Zealand standards. We encourage you to review our terms and conditions documents and welcome any specific enquiries you have relating to our operations and safety management system.

Is the area itself safe?
Despite being relatively undeveloped, with numerous reserves, trails and beautiful vistas – the Bay of Islands, where our centre is situated, is still safe and accessible, offering all of the facilities you would expect in a first world country.

What will I gain from this experience?
Through experiential learning, you will develop good leadership qualities in an atmosphere that nurtures curiosity and compassion. You will leave our centre with a strong sense of purpose and clarity over your life goals and priorities. You’ll understand who you are, what you believe in, and what you’re capable of achieving. Adventure for Good is not only about life changing experiences – our courses are about developing robust skill sets and then creating a context through which those skills can be put to the test – all while positively contributing to their local community and environment, as well as forging lifelong friendships. Read more about why you should choose an Adventure For Good programme here.

What about the cost?
Our location and the rigour and relevance of our curriculum make Adventure for Good programmes unique. Each programme has a limited intake to ensure each participant’s experience is carefully considered. The result is a truly premium and transformative experience.

Research also indicates that those who take a gap experience are more likely to graduate from their degrees in four years, where the majority take five or more – consider the potential savings on college tuition.

Also keep in mind that prices listed are in New Zealand Dollars. Use this foreign currency exchange converter to find out what the fees equate to in your local currency. Please also review our payment policy and options.

Am I able to cross credit my learning?
Adventure for Good has partnered with the leading minds in global issues, research and adventure to ensure the rigour and relevance of our curriculum. The skills and knowledge gained during participants’ experience with Adventure for Good may contribute towards a diploma or degree. A comprehensive course curriculum with detailed learning outcomes can be made available to your learning institution upon written request. Contact us to request a copy.