What We Do

By their very nature, adventurers go further, ask more questions and accept fewer excuses. They are continually searching for new horizons, and immersing themselves in what really matters. Adventure provides the best context to develop the leadership skills that will empower our participants to become citizens of influence.

Adventure for Good is an Outdoor Leadership School and Adventure Camp in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. We exist to create adventurers. Through outdoor education, we give people the skills they need to get out into the ever-changing natural environment, a desire to have a positive influence on our world, and the confidence to make a difference.


Adventure for Good was formed by a group of young teachers who wanted to dedicate themselves to a deeper and more holistic form of education, defined by the pursuit of adventure.

In 2015, director of Adventure for Good, Antonio Pasquale, donated the marine research and expedition vessel, SV Caliph, to the organisation. At the same time, construction of New Zealand’s first Marine Adventure Research Centre (MARC) began. The centre is the hub of our outdoor education programmes – the Masterclass in Adventure and Adventure Academy

Our courses and adventure camps offer an education that goes beyond conventional measures of performance. Our programmes empower participants to become more ambitious and engaged individuals, who initiate positive action at every opportunity. And this all takes place against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty – New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. 

Our People

Our adventurous pursuit training is mentored by qualified professionals who are avid adventurers and educators in their own right. We work continuously to forge partnerships with the leading minds in global issues and research and adventure to ensure the rigour and relevance of our curriculum.